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Consumer Protection Summit

November 6, 2013
Consumer Protection Summit

With Veterans’ Day approaching, United States Attorney Andre Birotte Jr and others from the CDCA joined with consumer protection experts and advocates from all over California at the State’s first Consumer Protection Summit focused entirely on the needs of our Military Service Members and their families. The day-long Summit took place on November 6 in downtown Los Angeles at The California Endowment and was hosted by Jackie Lacey and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and Brian Stiger and the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs. The California Consumer Affairs Association sponsored the Summit, which was attended by over 100 representatives of the Military and Military JAG services. US Attorney Birotte delivered one of the event’s keynote speeches and AUSA Richard Robinson, the Chief of the CDCA’s Major Frauds Unit, appeared on a law enforcement panel. Gymeka Williams, the CDCA’s Community Relations Specialist, and AUSA Bruce Riordan, Special Counsel to the US Attorney, both assisted with in the preparation of the Summit and attended on behalf of the CDCA.

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