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United States Attorney André Birotte Jr. at The California Endowment

January 8, 2014
NEST Summit

Effectively fighting fraud requires strong partnerships between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and one of the strongest partnerships in the Central District of California is the bond between the US Attorney’s Office and the local police departments of the District. This collaboration was on display at the International Law Enforcement Auditors Association (ILEAA) Conference held in Los Angeles at The California Endowment on January 8, 2014. The ILEAA Conference was hosted by the LAPD and it focused on the vital role that law enforcement auditors play in both fighting crime and assessing risk. United States Attorney André Birotte Jr., a former Inspector General for the Los Angeles Police Commission, and LAPD Chief of Police Charlie Beck both spoke at the conference and they emphasized ever-growing role played by forensic auditors at law enforcement agencies. The event was attended by forensic auditors from all over the nation.

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