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National Night Out

On this 32nd Annual National Night Out, we encourage the citizens who benefit from the hard work and dedication of our police forces to join in the fight.  Combatting crime becomes more successful when everyone is engaged in the effort.  National Night Out is an opportunity to be more involved in that effort.  The police force cannot fight crime without the help of the community and, now more than ever, they need the support of the communities they protect.

In recent months, this nation has endured far too many preventable tragedies, such as the events in Baton Rouge and Dallas where law enforcement officers who are sworn to keep us safe fell under senseless attack.  Americans across the county are feeling a sense of helplessness, of uncertainty and of fear, but violence is never the answer to these feelings.  Instead, we must recommit ourselves to do everything we can to bridge divides, to heal rifts, to restore trust, and to ensure that every American feels respected, supported, and safe, including our law enforcement officers.

That is why it is even more important that we continue the work of bringing police and communities together.  We must continue working to build trust between communities and law enforcement. 

National Night Out is our opportunity to do just that.

As our Attorney General has stated, U.S. Attorneys are community problem solvers, not case processors.  We deal, on a daily basis, with criminal behavior and civil rights violations and our jurisdiction crosses geographical boundaries. But we could not do our jobs without the men and women on the front lines – the police and other law enforcement agencies: FBI, ATF, DEA, HSI, LAPD, LASD and all our local law enforcement partners, to name just a few.

The Justice Department is dedicated to working alongside state officials, local stakeholders, and law enforcement at every level to safeguard our communities from harm – and to renew, rebuild, and strengthen afflicted neighborhoods across the country.

We thank the men and women of our law enforcement community in the Central District of California who are doing great work every day in our home communities.  They are the boots on the ground.  We know we don’t do it alone – it’s a partnership.

We invite you - the residents, neighbors and community members – to join that partnership, to stand with us for National Night Out.  Be a part of the effort to make our communities safer. Details to come.

Updated July 27, 2016

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