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Opioid and Heroin Awareness and Outreach

          At the United States Attorney’s Office, we are committed to stemming the flow of illegal drugs and have been for many years. Prosecutors in this office have recently prosecuted drug smugglers who import heroin from Mexico, criminal street gangs who distribute drugs and extort payments, Fentanyl and opioid distributors and doctors who issue prescriptions for addictive painkillers without any medical purpose.

          However, local or federal authorities cannot arrest and prosecute our way out of a problem that is deeply rooted in many communities in our district. Our enforcement efforts are much more effective when paired with education and outreach to those who have fallen into crime and addiction. Therefore, we are also addressing the opioid abuse problem with education, prevention and treatment options.

          Educational efforts are vital as an effective way to inform the public of the dangers of opioid abuse, the scope of the problem, and the fact that prescription drugs can be as deadly as street drugs like heroin and methamphetamine.

          Toward these goals, part of the office’s community outreach is to make available presentations for schools and community groups. These presentations are conducted by an Assistant United States Attorney along with experts from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), physicians and public health officials who educate the community on the dangers of prescription drugs, the presence of counterfeit drugs, and what to do in the event of a potential overdose. In addition, the FBI-produced film “Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opioid Addict,” illustrates the harsh reality of opioid addiction in a compelling way.

          For additional information or to schedule a presentation in your community or school, contact

Opioid and Heroin Awareness and Outreach
Updated July 17, 2023