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Substance Abuse Treatment and Reentry Program (STAR)

STAR is a program in the U.S. District Court whose mission is to increase community safety by providing a Court team approach that provides accountability, treatment, recovery services and other resources to offenders on community supervision to assist them in changing their behaviors so that they can reenter the community and live sober, law-abiding, and productive lives.

STAR was established in January 2010, under the leadership of U.S. District Judge Otis D. Wright, II, and then-Chief Judge Audrey B. Collins.  STAR was created to address substance abuse and recidivism issues with high-risk offenders on federal supervision.  STAR integrates drug treatment and weekly court sessions with other rehabilitative services to promote long-term recovery.

STAR is a collaborative partnership among the United States District Court, United States Probation Office, Federal Public Defender’s Office, and the United States Attorney’s office and various community-based treatment providers and organizations.

Participation in STAR is entirely voluntary and requires participation in the program for at least one year.  Successful participants receive a one year reduction in the term of supervision.

Updated November 9, 2015

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