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U.S. v. Hidalgo Victim Impact Statement

Victim Impact Statement

As a victim of a crime, you may choose to write a Victim Impact Statement to describe how the crime affected you and those close to you.  This statement is one way for you to have input about the physical, emotional, and financial effects of this crime and how you would like to see this case resolved.  Your input will help the Assistant U.S. Attorney, Judge, and Probation Officer understand the impact of this crime. You also have the right to speak to the Judge at the sentencing hearing. Please note: The defendant will also be able to view your written statements and hear your oral statements.

Suggestions for completing your Victim Impact Statement:


Using your own words, describe how this crime has affected you and those close to you.  You do not have to answer any questions that make you feel uncomfortable.  If you need more space or you wish to provide information in a different way, please feel free to do so. No one knows better than you how this crime may have changed your life.  Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this information.

Any emotional impact this crime may have had on you and those close to you, including changes in relationships, fears, the need for professional assistance:



Any physical effects of this crime such as injuries and physical pain.  You may also want to include details about how long the injuries have lasted, or how long they are expected to last.  Describe any medical treatment you have received or expect to receive:



Any comments relating to your financial or property loss (please use the enclosed Declaration of Victim Losses to indicate dollar amounts):



Any comments about what you would like to see happen to the defendant as a result of this case:



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Updated November 25, 2016

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