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Capitol Breach Cases

Below is a list of defendants charged in federal court in the District of Columbia related to crimes committed at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C, on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021. 

Every case is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia. Following arrests, or surrender, defendants must appear before district court magistrate/judge where the arrest takes place, in accordance with the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

See the FBI Most Wanted List for the U.S. Capitol Violence

See sentences handed down in Capitol Breach cases

1148 Results
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Case Number Name Location of Arrest Entry Last Updated
23-mj-00194 BISHOP, Bryan August 16, 2023
23-CR-00416 BISHOP, Tonya January 16, 2024
23-mj-00193 BISHOP, Tonya August 16, 2023
1:21-cr-36 BISIGNANO, Gina Michelle CALIFORNIA, Beverly Hills January 11, 2022
1:21-cr-165 BISSEY, Dona Sue INDIANA, Bloomfield October 13, 2021
1:21-cr-127 BLACK, Joshua Matthew Alabama, Northern District March 28, 2023
1:21-cr-186 BLAIR, David Alan DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA July 13, 2022
1:21-cr-356 BLAKELY, Kevin Sam TEXAS, McKinney July 14, 2022
1:21-cr-386 BLAUSER Jr., William PENNSYLVANIA, Ludlow February 4, 2022
1:21-cr-204 BLEDSOE, Matthew TENNESSEE October 21, 2022
1:21-cr-537 BLYTHE, Jason TEXAS, Fort Worth September 19, 2022
1:21-cr-418 BOCHENE, Eric NEW YORK, Hartford August 3, 2023
1:22-cr-11 BOELE, Brian FLORIDA, Lakeland June 3, 2022
1:22-cr-207 BOKOSKI, Bradley UTAH, Eagle Mountain October 13, 2022
1:22-cr-207 BOKOSKI, Matthew ILLINOIS, Chicago October 13, 2022
1:23-mj-15 BONAWITZ, Kenneth POMPANO BEACH, Florida February 6, 2023
1:22-cr-171 BOND, Stacy Lee MARYLAND, Baltimore January 18, 2023
1:22-mj-59 BONENBERGER, Jordan PENNSYLVANIA, Pittsburgh March 21, 2022
1:21-cr-121 BONET, James NEW YORK, Albany March 9, 2022
1:21-mj-541 BORGERDING, Therese OHIO, Dayton July 28, 2021
1:21-cr-643 BOSTIC, JR.,Willard. VIRGINIA, Chesapeake October 25, 2022
1:21-cr-643 BOSTIC, Karegan VIRGINIA, Chesapeake November 1, 2022
1:21-mj-649 BOUGHNER, Tim Lavon MICHIGAN, Lapeer County December 28, 2021
23-mj-128 Boulton Zachariah Villa Rica, Georgia July 24, 2023
1:23-cr-35 BOURNES, Patrick Allen SAN JOSE, California February 6, 2023
BOWLING, Dylan December 15, 2023
1:22-cr-413 BOX, Dominic GEORGIA, Savannah December 28, 2022
1:21-cr-216 BOZELL IV, Leo Brent PENNSYLVANIA, Palmyra July 28, 2021
23-mj-171 BRACKLEY , Matthew Maine August 4, 2023
23-mj-237 BRADLEY, MICHAEL October 5, 2023

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