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Indictment (816.27 KB)United States V. Thomas Anderson Bowdoin Jr. Also Known As Andy Bowdoin (CR-10-320)

On December 1, 2010, Thomas A. Bowdoin Jr., also known as Andy Bowdoin, was arrested in Florida on a criminal indictment alleging five counts of Wire Fraud, one count of Securities Fraud, and one count of Unlawful Sale of Unregistered Securities. The indictment alleges that from in or around August 2006 through in or around August 2008, Bowdoin operated a “Ponzi” scheme through a company called AdSurfDaily, Inc. (ASD). ASD operated on the internet at the websites,, and On May 18, 2012, Bowdoin pled guilty to wire fraud and on August 29, 2012, was sentenced to 78 months in prison. . Further information about the criminal case can be found by clicking on the links below:

The Crime Victims’ Rights Act gives victims* of criminal offenses in Federal court certain rights, including: (1) The right to be reasonably protected from the accused; (2) The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of any public court proceeding, involving the crime, or of any release or escape of the accused; (3) The right not to be excluded from any such public court proceeding, unless the court, after receiving clear and convincing evidence, determines that testimony by the victim would be materially altered if the victim heard other testimony at that proceeding; (4) The right to be reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving release, plea, or sentencing, (5) The reasonable right to confer with the attorney for the Government in the case; (6) The right to full and timely restitution as provided in law; (7) The right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay; and (8) The right to be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim’s dignity and privacy.

*Under the statute, “the term ‘crime victim’ means a person directly and proximately harmed as a result of the commission of a Federal offense or an offense in the District of Columbia. In the case of a crime victim who is under 18 years of age, incompetent, incapacitated, or deceased, the legal guardians of the crime victim or the representatives of the crime victim’s estate, family members, or any other persons appointed as suitable by the court, may assume the crime victim’s rights under this chapter, but in no event shall the defendant be named as such guardian or representative.

If it is determined that you are a victim, we will make our best efforts to ensure that you are provided the rights described above. While we cannot act as your attorney or provide you with legal advice, you may seek the advice of an attorney with respect to these rights or other related legal matters.

Basizette Stribling
Victim Witness Assistant
Ad Surf Daily
United States Attorney’s Office
555 Fourth Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20530

Forfeiture/ Petition for remission

Please note that Remission Forms are still being accepted at this time. To be eligible to receive compensation, your Remission Form along with your supporting documentation must be postmarked no later than June 28, 2013, and mailed to:

Ad Surf Daily Remission
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 8060
San Rafael, CA 94912-8060

The judge in this case has ordered that all restitution will be handled through the remission process.  The United States Government through its Claim Administrator, Gilardi & Co. LLC, is currently accepting Petition for Remission filings/claims.

Please follow this link,, to obtain additional information on how to file a claim for remission and/or to download a remission package. This website has been established by the United States Department of Justice to assist victims of the Ad Surf Daily Autosurf Ponzi schemes.   The website provides general information regarding the Remission Fund and related federal criminal and civil court cases.  Compensation may be available to verified victims who did not participate in the previous remission process.

If you have any questions and would like to speak with someone, please call 1-888-267-7790.  A live representative will be available to assist you Mondays through Fridays, from 8am-5pm, Pacific Standard Time.

Further information about the civil case can be found by clicking on the links below:

Updated August 19, 2015

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