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            On July 17, 2020, Firoz Patel and his brother, Ferhan Patel, the founders and operators of, and, and the company MH Pillars doing business as Payza, pled guilty to conspiring to launder money and operating an Internet-based unlicensed money service business that processed more than $250 million in illicit transactions. Firoz Patel also pled guilty to one count of conspiring to launder monetary instruments for charges related to a case out of the Middle District of Tennessee.

            A petition for remission process is underway to determine if funds may be returned to eligible persons. The attached Notice of Forfeiture Order.pdf further describes this process.  We have also attached a copy of the relevant regulations and a model petition: Model Petition and CFR Regulations.pdf.   Please read the Notice of Forfeiture carefully. If you believe you qualify for the remission process, please complete a petition and submit it to This email account is unattended except for processing petition requests. The U.S. government is unable to offer legal advice to potential claimants; however we provide certain background information about the claims/petition process. If you have such questions, please contact Mega Victim Case Assistance Program (MCAP) at 844-527- 5299 (toll free) or 

Attached: Notice of Forfeiture Order.pdf; Payza Amended Order of Forfeiture.pdf; Model Petition and CFR Regulations.pdf

Updated September 1, 2020

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