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U.S. Attorney's Office Collects $3,517,919.40 In Civil and Criminal Actions In Fiscal Year 2023

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, Eastern District of Arkansas

      LITTLE ROCK—U.S. Attorney Jonathan D. Ross announced today that the Eastern District of Arkansas collected $3,517,919.40 in criminal and civil actions in Fiscal Year 2023. Of this amount, $3,417,560.11 was collected in criminal actions and $100,359.29 was collected in civil actions.

      Additionally, the Eastern District of Arkansas worked with other U.S. Attorney’s Offices and components of the Department of Justice to collect an additional $278,701.75 in cases pursued jointly by these offices. Of this amount, $6,690.49 was collected in criminal actions and $272,011.26 was collected in civil actions.

      “On behalf of victims and taxpayers in the Eastern District of Arkansas, our Office’s Financial Litigation Program and Asset Forfeiture Unit aggressively work to ensure civil and criminal financial obligations are met,” Ross said. “The hard work put in these programs often goes unnoticed. I am extremely proud of their dedication and commitment to ensure victims justly receive compensation and assessed fines are paid.”

      Following are two cases that represent the work the Eastern District of Arkansas does to recover money.

      United States v. Marcus O. Millsap, Case No. 4:17-CR-00293-045 BSM (E.D. AR).

      On May 26, 2023, Marcus Millsap was sentenced to life in prison and ordered to immediately pay $200,300 ($200k fine and $300 in assessments). Millsap failed to pay, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office was able to garnish the full $200,300 Judgment amount from a bank account belonging to Millsap. On August 30, 2023, the Court entered an Order directing the bank to pay the full $200,300 to the Clerk of Court.

      Millsap, associated with the white supremacist gang New Aryan Empire, was a violent drug trafficker in Pope County and indicted in September 2019. After a jury trial, Millsap was found guilty of conspiracy to violate racketeering laws, attempted murder in aid of racketeering, and conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.

      United States v. Everett Martindale, Case No. 4:19-CR-00688 DPM (E.D. AR)

      On June 30, 2023, Everett Martindale was sentenced to one year and a day in federal prison and ordered to pay $246,375.00 in restitution. Martindale paid a total of $197,375 towards his restitution shortly after sentencing. The Department of Justice’s Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section (MLARS) credited $51,000 that Martindale had already paid on a forfeiture money judgment towards the restitution judgment amount.

      Martindale and six other defendants were involved in a scheme to defraud the U.S. Department of Agriculture out of more than $11.5 million that was intended to benefit farmers who had been discriminated against. Martindale worked as an attorney and legal representative for most of the claimants recruited by other defendants.

      The U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, along with the department’s litigating divisions, are responsible for enforcing and collecting civil and criminal debts owed to the U.S. and criminal debts owed to federal crime victims. The law requires defendants to pay restitution to victims of certain federal crimes who have suffered a physical injury or financial loss. While restitution is paid to the victim, criminal fines and felony assessments are paid to the department’s Crime Victims Fund, which distributes the funds collected to federal and state victim compensation and victim assistance programs.

      Additionally, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Arkansas, working with partner agencies and divisions, collected $226,132 in asset forfeiture actions in FY 2023. Forfeited assets deposited into the Department of Justice Assets Forfeiture Fund are used to restore funds to crime victims and for a variety of law enforcement purposes.

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Updated January 18, 2024