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Hate Crimes Task Forces

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Greater Sacramento Area Hate Crimes Task Force

Co- Chairs:
Dr. Dorothy Enomoto & U.S. Marshal Jerry Enomoto (ret’d)

Law Enforcement Chair:

Task Force Coordinator:
Sean Vassar-Community Outreach Specialist

Community Consultant:
Carol Russo - Community Relations Service Website

Helene Tenette, Victim Witness Program Manager, U.S. Attorney’s Office


Established in 1994 in the wake of a string of hate-related fire bombings throughout Sacramento, the Greater Sacramento Area Task Force on Hate Crimes consists of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and community organizations dedicated to preventing and combating hate crimes.  The Task Force is sponsored and administered by the United States Attorney’s Office. It is co-chaired by Dr. Dorothy Enomoto and United States Marshal Jerry Enomoto (ret’d) and is comprised of over 40 agencies and organizations, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the ATF, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, Sacramento Human Rights Fair Housing Commission, the NAACP, the Anti-Defamation League, and California State University, Sacramento, to name but a few.

The Task Force meets three to four times per year at the U.S. Attorney’s Office. At these meetings, participants make presentations, exchange information,  report on ongoing initiatives and issues relating to hate crime reporting, investigation and prosecution, and report on cooperation between law enforcement and the community. The Task Force also co-sponsors a number of hate crimes conferences and workshops in Sacramento and other cities throughout the region.

Central Valley Hate Crimes Task Force

Chair: AUSA Elana Landau

Law Enforcement Chair:
AUSA Elana Landau

Nancy Leendertsen, Victim Witness Specialist, U.S. Attorney’s Office


Building on the success of the Greater Sacramento Area Hate Crimes Task Force, the Central Valley Hate Crimes Task Force was initially established in 1998 and is currently being revitalized.  The key objectives of the Hate Crimes Task Force are: (1) to facilitate coordination by local, state and federal investigators and prosecutors; (2) to provide a forum for community organizations and private citizens to monitor law enforcement’s response to the hate crime problem and to provide input to law enforcement representatives about the hate crime problem; (3) to sponsor and participate in educational and other community outreach programs designed to address some of the root causes which give rise to the commission of hate crimes; and (4) to ensure that victims of hate crimes receive special counseling and related services.

The task force will be holding meetings quarterly.  The meetings will include a report from prosecutors and law enforcement on the current state of hate crimes and provide an opportunity for members of affected communities to voice their concerns directly to law enforcement.


There are no announcements on Hate Crimes at this time.


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Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Sean Vassar
Phone: 916-554-2907

Nancy Leendertsen
Phone: 559-497-4055

Press Releases

April 29, 2011

Three Sentenced on Federal Hate Crime Charges for Desecration of Modesto Synagogue and Churches

January 31, 2011

Third Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Hate Crime Charge Related to Desecration of Synagogue and Churches in Modesto

January 14, 2011

Two Men Plead Guilty to Federal Hate Crime Charge Related to Desecration of a Synagogue and Churches in Modesto

March 24, 2010

Former Chico Man Convicted Of Federal Hate Crime For Race-Motivated Assault

March 11, 2010

Fairfield Couple Convicted Of Racially-Motivated Assault

March 12, 2009

Hate Crime Charged For Assault In Chico

March 05, 2009

Fairfield Couple Indicted For Bias-Motivated Assault In South Lake Tahoe

Updated April 23, 2015

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