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Criminal Division


The Criminal Division of the U. S. Attorney's Office is the largest of the Office's divisions. Over fifty personnel are assigned to the Criminal Division. AUSAs in the Criminal Division serve in six major units, which operate both separately and collaboratively, on all types of federal criminal cases:

Attorneys in the Criminal Division handle the investigation and prosecution of all types of federal crimes, ranging from petty offenses (including traffic and wildlife offenses) to complex white collar crime, federal homicides, drug trafficking, and public corruption cases.

Organized Crime Strike Force/Violent Crime Unit

The Organized Crime Strike Force/Violent Crime Unit investigates and prosecutes violent crime and firearms offenses, with a particular focus on conduct by organized street gangs and criminal enterprises. Along with representatives from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, members of the Unit actively participate in the Multi-Agency Gang Unit, an initiative led by the New Orleans Police Department to combat gang-related shootings and murders in the New Orleans area.

Public Integrity Unit

The Public Integrity Unit investigates and prosecutes corruption by public officials and law enforcement officers.  The Unit also handles criminal civil rights matters, such as hate crimes, police brutality and human trafficking.

Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit investigates and prosecutes cases involving the distribution of illegal narcotics.  The Unit primarily seeks to disrupt large-scale drug-trafficking organizations that qualify for prosecution by the Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF).

Fraud Unit

The Fraud Unit investigates and prosecutes fraud offenses of all types, including financial institution crime, health care fraud, bank fraud, computer fraud, institutional insurance fraud, large scale mail and wire fraud, and criminal tax violations.  The Unit also handles child pornography cases under the Project Safe Childhood initiative.

National Security Unit

The National Security Unit investigates and prosecutes cases involving international and domestic terrorism, threats involving weapons of mass destruction, terrorism financing, immigration violations, environmental crimes, and other offenses that impact national and border security.

Appeals Unit

The Appeals Unit defends convictions and judgments obtained by the Office in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the federal appellate court overseeing cases in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.  Additionally, the Unit, in consultation with the Department of Justice, decides when to seek appellate review of trial level rulings adverse to the United States.


Updated August 29, 2017

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