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Detroit One is a community and law enforcement partnership designed to reduce homicide and violent crime in Detroit. The name describes the unified effort by our entire community working together to improve public safety.

History and Strategy: Beginning in 2013, the law enforcement partnership of Detroit One, consisting of federal, state and local agencies working together and sharing resources, focused on the individual offenders, gangs and crews who are driving the gun violence in Detroit. The arrest and prosecution of these “worst of the worst” offenders has reduced violent gun crimes.

Community involvement: But Detroit One goes beyond police strategy. The community partners have pushed back against the “no-snitch” mentality, encouraging citizens to report crimes. The law enforcement and community partners are asking all Detroiters to stand up, speak up and help save lives. The partnership includes leaders from the faith, business, education and non-profit communities to engage our community to reduce violent crime.

Coordination: The Detroit One partnership coordinates with all city-wide enforcement, prevention, and intervention initiatives, such as the Detroit Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, Operation Ceasefire, Project Safe Neighborhoods, the Green Light Project and other strategies. Our goal is to work collaboratively for effective long-term solutions to reducing violent crime and building strong communities where residents can thrive.

Results: In 2012, the year before Detroit One began, Detroit had 386 homicides. In 2016, that number was 302, down more than 20%. A comparison between the four-year period since Detroit One began with the prior four-year period shows a total of 174 fewer homicides. Moreover, non-fatal shootings have dropped 25%, and carjackings have been cut in half.

The Way Forward: The Detroit One partners are not satisfied with these results. Going forward, the Detroit One partnership recommits itself to reducing violent crime. We encourage our community partners to continue to fight against the no-snitch mentality, to report crime to the police and to volunteer in the community. Volunteer opportunities exist throughout the city through mentoring, patrolling Safe Routes to School, ending blight and joining community block clubs.

Volunteer opportunities exist throughout the city. To get involved with reducing youth violence in particular, contact the Detroit Youth Violence Prevention Initiative at or 313-224-1841.

To volunteer with other opportunities in the city, contact the Office of the Mayor via Terra DeFoe, or 313-520-1088, or simply visit

Become part of the solution. Become part of Detroit One.

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Updated July 10, 2017

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