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Detroit One

Detroit One

Detroit One is a law enforcement and community initiative to reduce homicide and violent crime in Detroit.   The name connotes a unified effort by our entire community working together to improve public safety.

The program comes from concepts that have been successful in other parts of the country, most notable in Washington, D.C., where homicides have gone from a high of 479 in the 1990s to 88 in 2012.

(1)  Identifying, arresting, and prosecuting individuals involved in violent firearm related offenses (2) dismantling violent organizations, such as street gangs and crews as well as drug trafficking organizations, and (3) engaging community support.

Information sharing.  Law enforcement agencies are meeting regularly and sharing information about violent crime offenders located throughout the City of Detroit, prioritizing the worst of the worst offenders.  Offices and agents are working in teams to apprehend these offenders.  Each agency has specific points of contact for the Detroit One initiative.

Geographic scope. Recognizing that criminals move throughout the city in response to law enforcement activities, agencies have adopted a City-wide strategy, instead of assigning agencies to particular sectors of the city as they have done in the past.  This City-wide approach has improved the flow of information between agencies.

Community prosecution.  Prosecutors from the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office are assigned to each police district to provide legal advice and assistance at any time of day or night and to approve search warrants and charging documents efficiently and effectively.  Prosecutors are communicating with each other to determine whether federal or state charges are most appropriate in each case.

Community involvement
We seek to overcome the “no-snitch” culture and encourage citizens to report to police when they are victims or witnesses to crime.  We are asking citizens to stand up and speak up to save a life.  We are partnering with leaders from the faith, business, education, and non-profit communities, such as Crimestoppers, YOUTHVOICE, and Arise Detroit, to engage our community to help reduce violent crime.   We plan to conduct community outreach through town hall meetings at churches, schools, and community centers, door knocks during daylight hours to provide citizens with tipline information, social media, and face-to-face meetings with citizens returning to the community from prison.

We are coordinating all City-wide grant initiatives, such as the Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, Operation Ceasefire, the Detroit Eastern District Initiative, and Project Safe Neighborhoods, so that we are working together effectively and efficiently.

Detroit One Community Meeting

Detroit One Community Meeting




Updated August 11, 2015