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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Missouri is comprised of over 100 talented and diverse women and men to help meet the mission and goals of the Department of Justice. Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee focuses on making our team stronger through our representation of individuals with backgrounds, cultures, and traditions that reflect the diversity of each of the 49 counties we serve. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which is guided by the Department of Justice’s DEIA policy, helps foster effective diversity and inclusivity management across the USAO, sustain progress over time, and ensure accountability for results. Through respect, understanding, and open communication between and among the rich tapestry of our employees, we will enhance critical aspects of our management practices, including policy development, decision making, and problem solving. This includes providing internal training to attorneys and staff, recruiting, and participating in community outreach. To promote inclusivity within the office, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee oversees the implementation of the Department of Justice’s Special Emphasis Programs. Special Emphasis Program Managers are designated within the office to implement the specific objectives of each program and raise awareness of and celebrate the special issues that affect the groups within each program. Assistant United States Attorney Karin Schute is the Chairperson of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.  She may be contacted at 314.539.2200.

Updated June 28, 2023