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Methamphetamine Initiative

As pseudoephedrine HCL pills become more difficult to obtain in Missouri, methamphetamine distribution networks will change rapidly to meet demand. Law enforcement needs to stay ahead of these changes.

Problems and Trends

  • Missouri had more methamphetamine labs than any other state during 2012.
  • Imports of Mexican methamphetamine have dramatically increased.

Federal Sentences

Often defendants in methamphetamine cases receive longer sentences in federal court than state court. Defendants serve a minimum of 85 percent of federal sentences. Typical methamphetamine-related sentences are:

Methamphetamine mixtures:
50 grams
500 grams
5 years
10 years
Career offenders in drug cases:
140 months
1000 or more pseudoephedrine HCL pills:
40 months
Felon in possession of a firearm:
18 months
Armed career criminal in possession of a firearm:
15 years
Firearm used in furtherance of federal drug offense:
5 years (consecutive)

NOTE: Sentences based on the United States Sentencing Guidelines are stated in months; statutory mandatory minimums are stated in years. Recent Supreme Court decisions allow District Court judges to impose lower sentences under the United States Sentencing Guidelines, but not in cases involving statutory mandatory minimums.

Firearms Offenses

  • Use of a firearm in furtherance of a federal [methamphetamine] drug offense
  • Felon in possession of a firearm (includes prior felony SES convictions, but excludes prior SIS convictions)
  • Armed career criminal in possession of a firearm: Requires a combined total of three prior felony convictions for controlled substance offenses and/or crimes of violence. Includes SES, but excludes SIS
Updated April 22, 2015