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Case Updates

Case Information
If you are a victim of a federal crime charged and filed in this district, we can notify you of:

  1. the arrest of a suspected offender;
  2. the nature of the charges against a suspected offender;
  3. the scheduling of each court proceeding that you are either required or entitled to attend;
  4. the pre-trial release on bail or detention status of a suspected offender;
  5. the acceptance of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere or the rendering of a verdict after trial; and
  6. the sentence imposed on an offender.

If you have any questions, please contact our Victim Witness Coordinator at 215.861.8200.

  1. United States v. David Ballard - Criminal Docket Number 11-CR-00455
  2. Information re: U.S. v. Arthur Toll. Bruce Edmundson and Elliot Fisher Regal Communications ■ Securities Fraud]
  3. Information re: U.S. v. Melvin D. Shaw: Press Release; and Indictment
  4. Information re: U.S. v. Thomas Massara: Press Release; and Indictment
  5. Information re: U.S. v. Norman Shapiro, Howard Coff, Marc Feldman.: Press Release; and Indictment
  6. Information re: Golnternet case (U.S. v. Neal Saferstein, Tyrone Barr, and Billy Light) Press Release; Indictment; usapae.vicwit@usdoi.gov

Defendant Tyrone Barr pled Guilty on September 22, 2009. His sentencing date is January 11,
Defendant Neal Saferstein is scheduled to go to trial on November 2, 2009 (with jury selection
scheduled for October 1-2, 2009).
•     Information re: U.S. v. Lizette Morice a/k/a Gaddel Enterprises

Updated December 19, 2014

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