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Financial Fraud in Care Homes

Some signs of misuse of benefits:

  • Insufficient or untrained staff
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Inadequate or non-nutritious food
  • Lack of daily activities for residents
  • Insufficient money for residents' personal needs

What can our office do?

  • Work with other federal and state agencies to educate Care Homes about the proper use of their residents' government benefits.
  • Monitor continued compliance with proper use of a resident's government benefits.
  • Investigate allegations of of government benefits by owners and operators of Care Homes.
  • File criminal and/or civil charges against those who willfully and intentionally misuse another person's government benefits.

If you suspect that a Care Home is not using someone's benefits to properly care for them, you can contact Trisha Doyle at 215-861-8305 or Marilyn May at 215-861-8308.

Updated December 19, 2014

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