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Mortgage Fraud Task Force

Federal, state, and local government offices have joined together to work cooperatively in fighting mortgage fraud in Pennsylvania. This web page provides a forum for sharing information about that fight.

If you have material that could helpful to government offices involved in investigating and prosecuting mortgage fraud and would like to post that material on this page, please contact RichardW. Goldberg (215-861-8439) or Gerald B. Sullivan (215-861-8786) at the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.


Click here for a list of the members of the mortgage fraud task force and their contact information.  The United States Attorney's Office has formed a Community Advisory Committee to help the task force identify trends in mortgage fraud, to help consumers who are victims of mortgage fraud, and to educate the community about particular fraud schemes.  Click here for a list of the members of the Community Advisory Committtee and their contact information.

Sample forms

We have gathered some sample documents from a number mortgage fraud prosecutions, both civil and criminal. To view those samples, click here.

Grant opportunities

The United States Department of Justice provides funds to government agencies and to private organizations to assist them in eliminating mortgage fraud. Click here to find announcements of such grants.


Several organizations have published helpful papers that analyze the effect of predatory lending and mortgage foreclosures in Pennsylvania. Click here for some of those papers.

Government agencies and community based organizations have programs available to help individuals understand mortgage transactions and to help individuals work through problems they may be having with their mortgages. For counseling assistance, click here. For information about loan programs to assist those in danger of foreclosure, click here.

The United States Attorney's Office has prepared a brochure with some helpful information about preventing mortgage fraud.  You can print it out, double-sided, and fold it in thirds to hand it out.  Click here for the brochure.  Click here for the brochure in Spanish.

Updated February 27, 2015