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Thursday, September 26, 2013

9:30 AM Trial  | Joyner, Courtroom 17A
AUSA MORGAN – U.S. v. Justin William
Criminal Number
Sex trafficking

9:30 AM Trial  | Robreno, Courtroom 15A
AUSA Ercole, Vierbuchen – U.S. v. Matthew Kolodesh
Criminal Number
Health Care Fraud

9:30 am Hearing  | Diamond, Courtroom 6B
AUSA AXELROD – U.S. v. Jose Cardenas-Covarrubias
Criminal Number
Drug Trafficking

9:30AM Trial  | Pratter, Courtroom 10B
AUSA OSIRIM – U.S. v. Stein Scruggs
Criminal Number
Hobbs Act Robbery

10:00 AM Sentencing  | Davis, Courtroom 6A
AUSA REINITZ – U.S. v. Arthur Wheelock
Criminal Number
Theft of Government Funds

1:00 PM Sentencing  | Jones II, Courtroom tba
AUSA Leverett – U.S. v. Ragib Witherspoon
Criminal Number 11-445

2:00 PM Sentencing  | Davis, Courtroom 6A
AUSA SENDEK – U.S. v. Irving Cruz-Sermeno
Criminal Number
Illegal Reentry

2:00 PM Sentencing  | Baylson, Courtroom 3A
AUSA STEVENS – U.S. v. George Oxner
Criminal Number

3:00 pm Arraignment/Plea Hearing  | McLaughlin, Courtroom 13A
AUSA RUE – U.S. v. Paul Wallace
Criminal Number
Consumer Fraud

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