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The 24th/25th District Philadelphia Weed & Seed Project was part of the original Philadelphia Weed & Seed Project area. This area was part of the original site that received funding in 1992. In 1998, the Steering Committee decided to split the original area and create two sites. The organizations in the North Philadelphia area have been working together and collaborating with Federal, State and Local agencies since 1992. This area, along with the other site that was part of the original area, has an entrenched drug trade in the area. The drug trade in this area is more entrenched but through the work of federal, state and local agencies Weed & Seed progress is being made.


The following is the socioeconomic data on the North Philadelphia Target Area:
Population in the target area is: 22,474
Race Composition: 60% other race, 26% White, 13% African American, 1% Asian
Employment Status: 10.2% unemployed
Median Family Income: $12,451
Individuals below poverty line: 62.7%
Households on Welfare: 33.8%
H.S. Diploma or higher: 27.8%
Bachelors Degree or higher: 2.5%
Source: 2000 Census


Both of the North Philadelphia Weed & Seed sites continue to have one Steering Committee that is co-chaired by the U.S. Attorney and the Philadelphia Police commissioner. Since the organizations in both areas have been working together since 1992, maintaining one Steering Committee allows both sites to be more effective and efficient and it aids in the monitoring of the effect that each sites' drug problem has on the other. The Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from: City, State and Federal agencies, Community Groups, Residents, Police Department Officials, PA National Guard and the Weed & Seed Executive Director and Site Coordinator.

The Steering Committee meets on a monthly basis. The role of the Weed & Seed Committee is to provide an opportunity for reporting, and addressing issues and concerns that affect the work being done by members of the Steering, Safe Haven, and Community Policing committees. The Steering Committee members work as a collective group to resolve any concerns and to monitor the progress of the Weed & Seed goals and objectives. The steering committee members also serve on sub-committees, that address more specific concerns, and work together to coordinate Weed & Seed projects.

The Steering Committee also votes on policy and procedures (by-laws), budgets and projects to be under taken by the group at large and votes on recommendations of the police regarding the concentration of law enforcement efforts.

Updated December 15, 2014

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