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Eastern District of Virginia

SCAM ALERT: EDVA has received reports of individuals spoofing the main phone number to our office, and using the names of EDVA attorneys or government titles with the office name, in an attempt to defraud individuals. If you receive a suspicious phone call from someone who says they are calling from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, please follow the instructions here.

About the District

Welcome to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia. Led by United States Attorney Jessica D. Aber, the office serves more than six million residents living in Northern Virginia, the Greater Richmond Region, Hampton Roads, Tidewater, and surrounding communities.

Our job is to enforce the laws of the United States and represent its interests by prosecuting federal criminal offenses, litigating affirmative and defensive civil suits, and collecting judgments and restitution for victims and taxpayers.  Our aim is to serve the community by improving public safety, promoting the rule of law, and upholding civil and constitutional rights.  In achieving these ends, we closely partner with law enforcement, agencies, and community groups.

Meet the U.S. Attorney

Jessica D. Aber
U.S. Attorney

Alexandria: 703-299-3700


United States Attorney Jessica D. Aber

Since 1789, we have proudly carried on the legacy of our first U.S. Attorney, John Marshall— who later became the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court—to pursue the fair and impartial administration of justice.  And we have built a prominent reputation for prosecuting and defending some of the nation’s most significant national and international cases, litigating complex and novel questions of law involving national security, violent crimes, immigration, public corruption, drug trafficking, cyber intrusions, fraud, and civil rights, among others. 

Eastern District alumni have made tremendous contributions in the public and private sector, and we are honored to carry on the tradition.