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Darci Ward UC Hastings College of the Law

Spending the summer at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boise was an incredible
experience. Not only was the work challenging and rewarding, but the staff was helpful and
available. Easily the best summer experience I could have hoped for.

I had my limited license this summer, so I was able to appear in court under the
supervision of an AUSA. The attorneys let me handle sentencings, change of plea hearings, and
arraignments. I was also able to question a witness in a jury trial. The court appearances allowed
me to appear in front of multiple district court judges and magistrate judges. Overall, the
attorneys in the office were very willing to let you appear in court if you expressed interest.

The research and writing aspect of the summer was also a great learning experience. I
wrote a response to a motion to suppress, trial memos, plea agreements, and worked on various
research projects. In addition, I also worked on some Ninth Circuit briefs. The AUSAs were
willing to work with you to get work that interests you.

The Boise office had about fifteen to twenty attorneys that focus on different areas of the
law. My supervisor was a criminal AUSA, so I focused mostly on criminal work. Observing
trials from the preparation stage through to the end was far better than any criminal procedure,
criminal law, or evidence class could possibly explain the procedures and rules governing a trial.

Externs in the Boise office have the opportunity to perform significant work on actual
cases. A summer at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boise will be the most educational and
enjoyable experience you could have. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone,
especially those interested in prosecution. You will meet fabulous attorneys and staff who are
dedicated to their jobs.

Updated February 11, 2015