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Rainier Elias University Idaho Class of 2012

Working here in the U.S. Attorney’s office was a blast. It was refreshing to put to use all of the skills I had been working on for the past two years in law school. I had the opportunity to get a writing sample and have tons of exposure to court proceedings. I was very busy the entire summer, but I always felt like I was learning something useful. I also enjoyed the brownbag sessions we got to attend. We had writing workshops on Fridays and career workshops on Wednesdays. Ms. Syrena Hargrove is an excellent and accomplished writer, yet she makes writing seem so interesting and easy-to-learn. I am confident my writing sample will be of the highest quality. As to the career workshops, we had the privilege of hearing from specialists who were able to give us detailed explanations of the work that they do. For those of us who want to work for the government, that was extremely informative. The best part about the summer, I must say, was meeting and working with very smart and friendly interns. We had an exceptionally social class, and got to go out together for lunch, dinner or other social events almost on a daily basis. Overall, I cannot imagine my experience could have been any better.

Updated February 11, 2015

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