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Elder Justice Task Force

The United States Attorney's Office, in coordination with the United States Department of Justice Civil Division, has launched an Elder Justice Task Force to combat neglect, abuse, and financial exploitation of seniors occurring in the District of Kansas.

As part of this initiative, the office is actively engaged in efforts to:

  • Pursue nursing homes and other facilities that provide grossly substandard care to seniors
  • Investigate and prosecute financial scams targeting or disproportionately impacting seniors
  • Promote greater coordination with state and local partners to combat elder abuse
  • Provide training and resources to law enforcement to identify and respond to elder abuse

 For more information about the Department of Justice’s elder justice initiative, please visit

The office welcomes information from the public that brings to our attention possible neglect, abuse or exploitation of seniors. If you have information concerning a potential violation of federal laws that you wish to bring to our attention, please complete the Elder Justice Complaint Form and email, mail or fax it to the Elder Justice Coordinator in our Civil Division.

The United States Attorney’s Office is primarily a legal office and not an investigative agency. However, the Elder Justice Coordinator will evaluate your complaint and may take action on it or refer the complaint to another agency for investigation or other action.

Please keep in mind that this office cannot represent you in any matter. Therefore, you may need to consult and retain your own attorney.

Elder Justice Coordinator, Civil Division
Email to:
United States Attorney's Office
500 State Avenue, Suite 360
Attn: Elder Justice Coordinator, Civil Division

Members of the Elder Justice Task Force

U.S. Railroad Retirement Board

Office of Inspector General
844 N. Rush Street, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611
Office: (312) 751-3396
Cell: (312) 771-2813

Health & Human Services – Office of Inspector General

1201 Walnut St., Suite 920
Kansas City, MO   64106

Department of Veterans Affairs

Office of Inspector General
Criminal Investigation Division
800 East 101st Terrace, Suite 100
Kansas City, MO 64131

Updated October 24, 2019

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