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Boston Marathon Bombings

A Message from United States Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz

Since April 15, we have seen extraordinary law enforcement coordination and the tireless efforts of so many, including ordinary citizens who became heroes as they responded to the call for help in the hours and days following the Marathon tragedy. The impact of these crimes has been far-reaching, affecting a worldwide community that is looking for peace and justice. We hope that the pending prosecution will bring some small measure of comfort both to the public at large and to the victims and their families that justice will be served. To the victims and families of those lost and injured – you have our deepest respect and admiration. Below we have listed resources for you to turn to as you heal and brave the road ahead. Also provided are links to information for the general public and members of the media.

Information for Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing Attacks

Information for the Media

Beware of Solicitations for Donations
Providing Tips in the Investigation

Links to Other Sources of Information

Case Updates

Updated December 19, 2014