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RFQ 1316701

  1. The period of performance shall be from September 24, 2018 to September 23, 2019.  What is the estimated campaign length?   The length of time depends on pricing and the Government’s budget.  The campaign may be 1 month, 2 months, 3 months or more.
  2. The instructions do not specifically request a technical response and a separate pricing volume.  Is it your intent to receive a technical and pricing volume all in one?    Attachment A provides a detailed listing of what we are looking for in proposals:  Pricing, Experience and References.  We are not requesting technical responses as the strategy will be developed post-award.  Contractors may include “technical responses” only to the extent that it is necessary to clearly explain pricing.



  1. Are you open to using infographics, particularly on popular social media sites? We are open to using infographics. 
  2. Do you have an estimated budget for this project?  The budget is undetermined at this time.
  3. Is there an incumbent? If so, who?  We do not have an incumbent at this time.
  4. Does the contractor have to conform to the current campaign (ResistTheRisk: Your Choices Matter) look and feel?  We are open to adjustments to the ResistTheRisk campaign. 
  5. Can you please confirm your target audience? The target audience varies and will be based on needs that are expressed through the local stakeholder group.
  6. How many additional finished public service messages are you looking for?  As referenced in the RFP, we would like to see 4 finished public service messages, but the Contractor should itemize cost per concept/finished message. 
  7. When you say messages, do you mean the contractor will provide copy (new headlines, etc. and design)?  Yes. 
  8. Do you have a media plan you can share? No, the media plan for new concepts will be developed with the Contractor and stakeholder group.
  9. How can we best present our pricing so that it fits with your "Time and Materials" requirement?  Would you like to see how pricing breaks down for each part of the project (i.e., dialogue with stakeholders: $x, creative work $x, concept testing $x, etc.?). Should this be in a "20 hours @ $XX hourly rate" format? 
    If you wish, you can categorize your pricing using the categories of: Creative Concepts, Design Execution and Concept Testing.   Under each of these categories, you can itemize associated activities, number of hours or units, rate and total price.  When pricing activities, please keep in mind the requirements to:  build in opportunities for the Contractor to engage in dialogue with the Government and local stakeholders; price designs based on one unit (e.g. one image, one motion graphic); and provide pricing options for different methods of concept testing.   Additionally, Contractors may also include an optional package price for multiple designs.
Updated August 30, 2018

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