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  1. Would the USAO DMA provide a sample list to recruit from for the focus groups?  We would not be providing a sample list.
  2. What is the age of the respondents to be recruited?  Preteen - 50+
  3. Does the USAO DMA have a facility they expect to be used? If so, what is the name of facility?  The contractor would be responsible for identifying and securing a facility.  If helpful, the Government can offer suggestions of potential locations and venues in particularly cities/towns, which may or may not be free of cost.  Libraries, if deemed suitable, are one example of a facility that may require limited to no facility rental fee.
  4. Will respondents by offered incentives for participation in the focus groups? If so, how much has been allotted for incentives?  The contractor needs to determine whether incentives are necessary for the focus group.  If they believe they are necessary, they should include them in the RFQ response.
  5. The RFP states two focus groups. Is that two focus groups total or two focus groups with each of the age groups of interest (pre-teens, teenagers, young adults and adults), which would mean 8 focus groups in total?   We require only two focus groups.  The proposal would need to lay out how to best reach these audiences within the limit of two focus groups.
  6. Please also advise which contract type is applicable, FFP or T&M?  T&M
  7. Will the contractor be required to obtain clearance for the questions used in the focus groups from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under the Paperwork Reduction Act or will the USAO handle it?   No, clearance is being required
  8. Did USAO obtained a preliminary control number from OMB for this research?  No control number is needed.
  9. Do you want all four videos shown to all age groups participants?  No.  Videos should only be shown to the relevant audience.
  10. Will USAO staff and/or employees of the video production company attend or observe the focus groups?  The USAO would be interested, BUT if the contractor sees this as a concern that could limit/influence/change the type of feedback received, we would not attend.  We would take the advice of the contractor.
  11. What is the minimum number of participants in the focus group that you will consider as acceptable and representative for this research?   This is a question that the contractor will need to answer in the proposal based on experience.
  12. Can the discussion questions be shared with participants ahead of time?   This is a question that the contractor will need to answer in the proposal based on experience.
  13. Reference section 3 of the RFP; are the 2 focus groups to be conducted in the same location or different locations to ensure representation of the commonwealth?  Each of the focus groups will be in different locations of the Commonwealth to address potential travel constraints.
  14. Will the contractor be required to ensure that focus group participants are residents of the commonwealth?  The participants must reside in Massachusetts.  The manner in which the contractor ascertains that could be addressed in the proposal or upon award.
  15. Will the contractor be required to conduct statistical tests and hypothesis testing as part of section 4.3 “Qualitative Analysis, Reporting, Data Handling and Confidentiality”? The contractor would need to do qualitative coding to analyze qualitative results, and then basic quantitative analysis.   
  16. Do you have a budget? The contractor needs to provide best quote in its proposal.
  17. Can you clarify how many in total focus groups are requested? Per the scope it appears to be a request for the two age groups and two regions which would be a min of 4 sessions.  We are seeking proposals for a total of TWO focus groups.  One in one location and one in a different location.  The contractor needs to lay out in its proposal how it will obtain feedback from the relevant age groups within the confines of TWO focus groups.
  18. Mixing age groups in one group is not advisable. Is it acceptable to conduct the group among adults in one location and teens in another?  No.  Proposals will need to address how the vendor will obtain feedback from teens and adults in two different locations.  Proposals should include creative solutions to this challenge.
  19. RFP states:   The Contractor shall perform all the necessary functions involved with moderating two focus groups with varying demographics (including age and gender) in different regions of the Commonwealth.  Does this mean two focus groups total, or two per city in multiple cities in Massachusetts?  If multiple, would Boston, Worcester and Springfield be acceptable urban areas for inclusion?   Two focus groups total.  Location can be based on a number of factors.  The contractor can propose the locations based on its proposed recruitment strategy.
  20. For recruiting purposes, will the contractor be allowed to disclose that the client is the US Attorney’s Office, State of Massachusetts?  Or, will the study be blind, where the sponsor is not identified?   The videos will have the U.S. Attorney’s Office logo.  The Contractor can disclose the client. 
  21. We received this RFP through the GSA Advantage (eBuy) system.  Is it a requirement that contractors have a GSA contract and be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) system in order to bid?  Yes
  22. In your RFP you state “two focus groups” in some sections and later use the word “several.”  Is your budget able to accommodate more than two sessions?  Two focus groups.
Updated June 11, 2018

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