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City of Boston National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention

The City of Boston was selected by the United States Department of Justice to participate in a National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention. In total, six cities were asked to share their knowledge and experience, and to develop comprehensive community-based plans to prevent youth and gang violence – Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Memphis, TN; Salinas, CA; and San Jose, CA.

Led by Mayor Thomas M. Menino, the City of Boston and its partners are developing a comprehensive plan to prevent and reduce youth violence in our neighborhoods. The City of Boston has a long and rich history of collaboration, community involvement, and innovation to address youth violence. Indeed, many nationally recognized initiatives and programs were born in Boston and have been replicated across the country. Building on this strong foundation, this strategic plan incorporates important lessons learned, and best practices from a local and national perspective.

For more information on the City of Boston’s Strategic Plan for Youth Violence Prevention and Reduction, please contact our office.

Updated December 19, 2014