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Massachusetts Task Force To Combat Human Trafficking

The Massachusetts Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking was established in December, 2004, as one of 18 Department of Justice (DOJ) funded task forces around the nation charged with establishing comprehensive and collaborative victim-centered strategies and procedures for combating human trafficking. Originally focused on only the metro Boston area, the Task Force has grown into a state wide, multidisciplinary and multijurisdictional effort between a diverse group of professionals that represent the range of needs and expertise necessary to combat such a complex crime. The primary mission of the Task Force is to successfully rescue and support domestic and international victims of human trafficking, and investigate and prosecute traffickers and others who are complicit in this heinous crime. Members work together in a variety of activities that include trainings, public awareness and outreach campaigns, technical support for victim service delivery and case coordination, and collaborative investigations and prosecutions.

The partners on this project include:

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Updated July 19, 2016