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Prisoner Reentry

Project Safe Neighborhoods

The Massachusetts U.S. Attorney's Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) program plays an integral role in the prisoner reentry/reintegration programs at four county correctional facilities across the District, as well as juvenile reentry initiatives. These facilities employ an intensive supervision format that has been shown to result in substantially lower recidivism rates. Inmates are selected for these programs due to their criminal history and status as "impact players" (anticipated to have a substantial impact on their neighborhoods when they are released). Participants take part in an informational panel session, receiving presentations from community service providers and law enforcement/prosecution personnel, including an Assistant U.S. Attorney. The content involves services that are available to the inmates to enhance their likelihood of success, including education, housing, substance abuse assistance, child support issues, and other areas--and clear information about the consequences should they elect not to take advantage of the services and return to their former criminal activities. Mentors, case managers and program managers provide heightened supervision to improve the inmates' prospects for follow-up on these opportunities and sustain the positive steps that are achieved.

Please contact the PSN Program Specialist if your agency is interested in creating or needs assistance in running a reentry program.

Court Assisted Recovery Effort (C.A.R.E.)

The Court Assisted Recovery Effort helps federal defendants to create and to maintain sober, employed and law abiding lives. Success in the program promotes both public safety and the rehabilitation of the defendant. C.A.R.E. involves closer supervision of a defendant and higher expectations than regular supervision, but it also offers a defendant greater assistance, opportunity and reward. The District Court, U.S. Probation Office, the United States Attorney and the Federal Defender Office all participate in C.A.R.E. in an effort to help each defendant succeed.


Updated December 19, 2014