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Victim Compensation

Massachusetts Victim Compensation Program – for Victims of Violent Crime
Victims of federal and state violent crime may apply for victim compensation through the Massachusetts Victim Compensation Program. The program is administered by the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General.  Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing may find the application form using this link.

One Fund Boston
One Fund Boston was established as a central depository for charitable contributions to benefit victims of the tragic April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon Bombings. The injured, their families, and the families of the deceased are asked to register online with One Fund Boston so they can receive more information.  You may register online or by calling 1-855-617-FUND.

  • The final protocol and claim forms will be available on by May 15, 2013;
  • Mailings will be sent out to potential claimants;
  • June 15, 2013 will be the deadline to register for benefits; and
  • Claims will be reviewed by June 30, when payments will be distributed.
Updated December 19, 2014

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