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Parents, teachers and school administrators play a critical role in securing the safety of our community.  The United States Attorney's Office is eager to partner with your school community to promote a safe and healthy learning environment.

The United States Attorney's Office, in conjunction with our state and local partners, has developed a multimedia presentation to educate parents and teachers about the dangers of gangs that recruit students in our state.

The presentation informs adults about how to protect young people from criminal gangs. The presentation includes a brief history of gangs, identifies gangs operating in Maryland and provides prevention and intervention strategies and resources.

Designed by a Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) certified teacher specifically for school based audiences, and approved by MSDE’s Director of Student Services and Alternative Programs, this program is free, and available in two versions:

  • Teacher/ staff - approximately 50 minutes (faculty meetings, staff development)
  • Parent  - approximately 70 minutes (PTA meetings, community forums)

The presentation is not based on fear, and does not include graphic imagery.  It supports the academic mission of the school and meets Safe Schools Act training mandates.

If you or your parent organization would like to have this program presented at your school, please contact Vincent DeVivo, Community Outreach Specialist, U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Maryland  (410)-209-4832.

Northern Division Gang Prosecutions

Black Guerilla Family (BGF)

Dead Man Inc.:

LaTrobe Homes


Howard County Bloods

PDL Bloods

Rollling' 20's Bloods

South Side Brims Bloods

Other Gangs

Southern Division Gang Prosecutions

Simple City Criminal Organization

18th Street

Latin Kings


Updated April 22, 2016

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