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Notice to the victims of
United States v. Defendant(s) Marie Antoinette Bozeman

Case Number 2017R00109 and Court Docket Number 19-CR-00068

According to the indictment, Defendant Bozeman would offer to pay Alabama Power electricity bills on behalf of other individuals. Bozeman would accept, from an individual, a cash payment equal in value to less than the amount owed by the individual to Alabama Power. In making this offer, Bozeman would falsely hold herself out as either an employee of Alabama Power or a close associate of an employee of Alabama Power. Once an individual made a cash payment to Bozeman, Bozeman would use a 16-digit debit card number similar to-but not identical to- the number associated with her Bank of America debit card to pay the bill on behalf of the individual. Bozeman would make these payments using Alabama Power's telephonic Bill Matrix system. By using the Bill Matrix system, Bozeman would transmit communications by means of wire communications in interstate commerce. Bozeman would obtain the 16-digit numbers she used to fraudulently pay others' utility bills by randomly selecting numbers similar to the number associated with her account. After Bozeman would make a payment on an individual's behalf, Bozeman would receive a confirmation number from Alabama Power confirming that the payment had been made; and upon receiving this confirmation number, Bozeman would send the number to the individual on whose behalf Bozeman had made the payment, doing so by text message, which involved the use of wire communications in interstate commerce.

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Updated March 26, 2019

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