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United States vs. Smith

Update regarding restitution in United States v. David A. Smith, No. 6:10-cr-232-35DAB (MDFL):

On April 1st, 2013, a notice was sent by Gilardi & Co., LLC, Remission Administrator for the U.S. v. David Smith Remission Fund, to all of the identified victims in the David Smith/Olint case.  Gilardi & Co., LLC is a legitimate private claims administrator that has been retained by the U.S. Department of Justice to process petitions for remission in this case.  If you were identified as a victim in the criminal case, United States v. David A. Smith, No. 6:10-cr-232-35DAB (MDFL) you must still complete and submit a Petition for Remission in order to be eligible for a remission payment.  Please note that your completed and signed Petition must be postmarked on or before May 15, 2013 to be eligible for consideration. UPDATE:  The petition filing deadline has been extended to June 14, 2013. 

Please do not contact the United States Attorney’s Office regarding the remission process. 

If you need assistance in completing the Petition or if you have any questions about the Remission Fund, you must call 1-877-281-4446; or send an email to; or visit the Remission website at   

Updated January 26, 2015

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