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LECC Training

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

Training available through the BCA. Call the BCA at 651-793-1100, or visit and click on the training link.

Minnesota County Attorneys Association

Training available through the MCAA. Call the Association at 651-641-1600, or visit and click on the training link.


Training available through CornerHouse Interagency Child Abuse Evaluation and Training Center. Call CornerHouse at 612-813-8310, or visit and click on the training link.

Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute

Training available through UMCPI. Call 651-917-2255, or visit for more information.

Advanced Community-Oriented Policing Strategies (5-day course)
Intro to Community Policing (8-hour course)
Community Policing to Reduce Domestic Violence (8-hour course)
Investigating Child Abuse/Physical, Sexual & Neglect (8-hour course)
Organizing and Conducting Police/Community Dialogs (4-hour course)
Intro to Problem Solving (16-hour course)
Supervising the Problem Solver (8-hour course)
Introduction to Human Trafficking (8-hour course)
Advanced Human Trafficking (3-day course)
Human Trafficking Immersion Learning (32-hour course)
Yellow Ribbon/Military Reintegration Training (4-hour course)
Performance Management and Personnel Evaluation Systems (15-hour course)
Systems of Accountability (8-hour course)
Reinegration After Discipline (7-hour course)
Discovering the Leader in You (1-day course)
Diversity Training (2-day course)
Police Training Officer Certification (40-hour course)
DNA for the Individual Officer (8-hour course)
Understanding Islamist Militant Terrorism and Prevention Strategies (8-hour course)
SLATT -- State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (8-hour course)
Media Relations in an Age of Terror (8-hour course)
Intro to Arabic Culture & Names (8-hour course)
Management of Criminal Investigation Units (21-hour course)
Internal Affairs Complaint Investigation (16-hour course)
Internal Affairs Practicum (13-hour course)
Supervisors and Complaint Investigations (7-hour course)
Noble Cause Corruption (8-hour course)
Conducting Complete Car Stops (7-hour course)
School Shooters/Stats, Incidents, Commonalities (7-hour course)
Background Investigations (16-hour course)
Critical Incidents and Civil Liability (8-hour course)
Use of Force Issues for Executives (8-hour course)
Bias Free Policing (4-hour course)
Ethics for Law Enforcement (8-hour course)

School Safety Courses:
School-based Policing, Training for Safety (1-week, 32-hour course)
Bullying and Harassment (1-day course)
Campus Safety Teams (1-day course)
Countering Terrorism in Schools (1-day course)
Creating a Safety Culture (1-day course)
Crisis Communications (1-day course)
Crisis Response and Tabletop Scenarios (1-day course)
Critical Stress Incident Debriefing Training (1-day course)
Incident Command System for Schools (1-day course)
Pandemic Planning for Schools (1-day course)
Problem Solving for Safe Schools (1-day course)
Protecting School Events (1-day course)
Safe School Terminology (1-day course)
School Safety for Emergency Responders (1-day course)
Threat Assessment (1-day course)

University Crime Watch Courses:
RAIN Training- The First Three Minutes [Responding to Critical Incidents] (2-hour course)
Awareness and Warning Signs (2-hour course)
Crisis Response Basics (2-hour course)
Observation Skills (2-hour course)
Threat Assessment (2-hour course)
How to Start a University Crime Watch (2-hour course)
University Crime Watch II (2-hour course)

Neighborhood Watch Courses:
Neighborhood Watch Basics (1-hour course)
Forming Partnerships (1-hour course)
Volunteer Management (2-hour course)
Planning and Conducting Effective Meetings (1-hour course)
Observation Skills (1-hour course)
Strategic Planning (2-hour course)
Teamwork (1-hour course)
Reporting Suspicious Activities (1-hour course)
Targeting Hardening for the Home (1-hour course)
Pandemic Planning (4-hour course)
Native American Neighborhood Watch Best Practices (1-hour course)

Native American Training Series:
Native American Senior Executive Leadership (1-day course)
Native American Police Executive Leadership Training (2-day course)
Reducing Domestic Violence in Indian Country (2.5-day course)
Native American Training Series I (8-hour course)
Native American Training Series II (8-hour course)
Tribal Community Engagement (1-hour course)
Underage Drinking (1-hour course)
Graffiti (1-hour course)
Community Policing (1-hour course)
Domestic Violence (1-hour course)
Problem-solving Partnerships (1-hour course)
Disorderly Youth in Public Places (1-hour course)

Public Safety Training:
Law Enforcement and Mental Health (1-day course)
Law Enforcement Liability (1-day course)
Managing Juvenile Opeations (1-day course)
Minimizing Internet-based Child Exploitation (1-day course)
Court Security and Judicial Threat Management (1-day course)
Ethics and Integrity (1-day course)
Performance Evaluations for Community Policing (1-day course)
Developing Task Analysis and Job Descriptions for Law Enforcement Organizations (1-day course)
A Culturally-based Approach to Tribal Policing (1-day course)
Minimizing Workplace Violence (1-day course)
Effective Interviewing Techniques (1-day course)
Protecting Special Events (1-day course)
Multi-hazard Problem Solving (1-day course)
Change and Organizational Modifications (1-day course)
Community Policing for Field Training Officers (1-day course)
Sheriffs and School Safety (1-day course)
Managing the Nexus of Gangs, Guns and Drugs (1-day course)
Law Enforcement Recruitment (1-day course)

Leadership Courses:
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Police Leadership (16-hour course)
Media Relations (1-day course)
Institutionalizing Ethical Behaviors (1-day course)
Leadership for Law Enforcement Mid-Managers- Session I (1-day course)
Executive and Command Staff Law Enforcement Leadership- Session II (1-day course)
Strategic Planning (1-day course)

Continuity of Operations Courses:
Continuity of Operations Planning (2-day course)

Weapons of Mass Destruction Courses:
Managing the Incident- a Leadership Guide for All-Hazard Events (1-day course)
Jail Evacuation and Planning- I and II (1-day course)
Community Awareness and Partnership Training (1-day course)

Courts Courses:
Continuity of Operations Planning (1-day course)
Judicial Threat Management (1-day course)
Court Security (1-day course)

Mental Health Courses:
Crisis Intervention Training (1-day course)
Law Enforcement and Mental Health Partnerships (1-day course)

Jail/Corrections Courses:
Jail Information Model (1-day course)
Hostage Survival for Corrections Officers (1-day course)

Public Safety Services Courses:
Safety Training and Resources-- STAR (1-day course)
Human Trafficking (1-day course)
Cultural Diversity (1-day course)

Updated May 1, 2015

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