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The Attorney General — A New and Broader Violent Crime Strategy

Three-legged stoolCoupled with the demonstrated partnership strategies of Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), the Administration’s new, bolder and broader violent crime strategy is designed to move the Department of Justice’s efforts forward at a faster pace.  Moving beyond enforcement as a primary solution, this strategy, relying on the “three-legged stool concept” of enforcement, prevention and reentry is reflective of the Attorney General’s call to United States Attorneys and our federal partners to move beyond our traditional parameters:

“We will make certain that this Department is both tough and smart on crime, and that our decisions are economically sound. This means working closely with state, local and tribal partners. It also means broadening our support for effective crime prevention, intervention, enforcement, and re-entry strategies...Our work must expand beyond arrests and prosecutions. Although PSN has helped to secure many important convictions, it has also shown that we can’t simply arrest our way out of the problem of violent crime.”

 — United States Attorney General Eric Holder

The Northern District of California's (NDCA) Project Safe Neighborhoods/Anti-Gang Initiative (PSN/AGI) works to fully implement the Justice Department’s Violent Crime Reduction Strategy.

Please visit the following sections of the NDCA website to see how the NDCA is implementing a comprehensive strategy of enforcement, prevention, and reentry: 

Updated December 29, 2014

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