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Diversity Management

        The Office has established an NDFL Diversity Plan and a Diversity Committee to adopt and implement the Department of Justice’s Diversity Initiative. The Office has a Diversity Committee that is responsible for promoting the Mission Statement. 

        In conjunction with the promotion of diversity in the Office’s hiring practices and in the retention and promotion of its employees, the Office coordinates with the Special Emphasis Program Managers in the recognition and celebration of our many diverse cultures. The Special Emphasis Programs include:

  • Federal Women’s Program
  • Selective Placement Program for Persons & Veterans with Disabilities
  • Black Affairs Program
  • Hispanic Employment Program
  • Asian/Pacific American Program
  • Native American/Alaska Native Program
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Program

    The Diversity Committee has hosted numerous events, including; a Celebration of Women's History with the Honorable Sadie Darnell, a panel discussion on the relevance of the HBCU Experience, Celebration of the Life & Legacy of the Honorable Stephan P. Mickle, Sr., Special Presentation Honoring the Late Honorable Joseph W. Hatchett, Annual Veterans Appreciation Reception, and many other outstanding programs.      

  Further, the Office also encourages its employees to participate in community events that focus on diversity, inclusion, crime prevention, and cultural awareness. The Diversity Chairperson has spoken about the value of diversity at numerous venues, including local schools and Universities, as well as local and statewide community events.  

        For more information regarding the NDFL Diversity Committee, please contact the Diversity Chairperson, Assistant United States Attorney Winifred Acosta in the Tallahassee office.

Updated May 27, 2022