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President Obama Addresses Final US Attorney Conference of His Administration

March 16, 2016

United States Attorneys with President

On March 16, 2016, President Obama invited the nation's 93 United States Attorneys to the White House to thank them for their efforts in securing justice for the American people.  Citing the Department's positive efforts in addressing violent crime and building trust between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve, the President expressed pride in the work of the United States Attorneys in fighting terrorism and violent crime while furthering the principles of DOJ's "Smart on Crime" philosophy, which emphasizes focusing law enforcement resources on threats posed by high level narcotics dealers, violent criminals, child predators, and fraudsters while also prioritizing  prevention programs and rehabilitation efforts.

Richard Hartunian

US Attorney Richard Hartunian, who serves as Vice Chairman of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee, Committee Chairman John Walsh, the US Attorney for Colorado, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch addressed the US Attorneys during the conference, which included panel discussions on police-community relations, national security, white collar crime, and international law enforcement protocols.