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Computer Safety Tips For Parents Of Middle School Students

Ask your children about what Web sites they like. Make this an area where you get to be the students and your child gets to be the teacher.

Does the screen go blank or get minimized when you walk by? If so, talk to your child about it.

If your child has social network account (many do), know who their friends are. Make sure they have set up privacy or security settings to keep strangers from instant messaging them or e-mailing them.

Don’t forget that newer versions of games, such as Sony Playstation 2 and Gameboy, have Internet capability. With whom do they communicate when using those gaming devices? What do they talk about?

Talk with them about cyberbullying, both about why it is bad to do, and what they should do if someone is cyberbullying them (approach you, a teacher or another trusted adult.)

Updated March 16, 2015

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