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Identity Crime Working Group

The ICWG was formed as a forum for federal, state and local government and law enforcement agencies to develop strategies to combat identity theft and related crimes in New Hampshire. Approximately 30 agencies currently participate in the ICWG. An aggressive strategy has been adopted for prosecuting identity crimes in New Hampshire. A key feature of the strategy is that the USAO imposes no loss “thresholds” in determining whether to accept cases for prosecution. This policy recognizes that dollar loss is but one of the harms that are caused by identity theft, and that it is better to attack an identity crime before, rather than after, the dollar loss damages multiply.

ICGW meetings are held at the U.S. Attorney’s Office on the third Tuesday of every month and all agencies concerned with identity theft are invited to participate in the Working Group. Additional information about the ICGW can be obtained by contacting Assistant U.S. Attorney Alfred Rubega at 225-1552 or by e-mail at

Updated April 22, 2015

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