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HOPE Education for Healthcare Professionals

January 29, 2016

Supervisory AUSA Meyers participated in the 2016 Winter Seminar for New Mexico Podiatric Medical Association (NMPMA) which was held at the Sandia Resort Hotel in Sandia Pueblo. AUSA Meyers delivered a presentation entitled “Updates on Enforcement: What’s Happening in NM on Narcotics Medications.” AUSA Meyer’s presentation was part of the HOPE Initiative, a collaborative effort between the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center that is partnering with the Bernalillo County Opioid Accountability Initiative with the overriding goal of reducing the number of opioid-related deaths in the District of New Mexico. In particular, the presentation was delivered in support of HOPE’s prevention and education component.

Community Outreach

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Updated January 11, 2017