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HOPE Initiative – Prevention and Education Presentation at Rio Grande High School

November 28, 2016

AUSA David Adams, DEA and UNM College of Pharmacy students (Generation Rx) participated in a Parent Involvement Program (PIP) at Rio Grande High School.  The PIP is an alternative to long-term student suspensions for drug and alcohol violations.  Students and their parents attend an after school/evening cycle of sessions addressing communication, facts about drugs and drug use, media literacy and adolescent issues, problem-solving skills, parent/teen issues, and focus on the family.  AUSA Adams, DEA and the Gen Rx students discussed drug addiction with Gen Rx taking the lead, and AUSA Adams and DEA discussed their work investigating/prosecuting diversion cases and their intervention/prevention work under the HOPE Initiative.  The presentation was followed by a question/answer session with the students and their parents.

Generation RX



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Updated November 29, 2016