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HOPE – Prevention and Education at Albuquerque Public School City Center

October 10, 2017

The USAO and DEA participated in a Parent Involvement Program (PIP) at APS City Center. The PIP is an alternative to long-term student suspensions for drug and alcohol violations. Students and their parents attend an after school /evening cycle of sessions addressing communication, facts about drugs and drug use, media literacy and adolescent issues, problem-solving skills, parent/teen issues, and focus on the family. The USAO presented “Roll the Dice”, which follows the story of a fictional student as he makes choices on substance use and abuse, and looks at the consequences of those actions. The presentation encourages students to think critically and to begin discussion with the presenters, their counselors, and even their parents on issues surrounding drug use.

Community Outreach
Prescription Drugs

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Updated February 22, 2018