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Mortgage Fraud

In the mid- to late 2000’s, Nevada suffered from an overwhelming surge of fraudulent residential mortgage transactions which created life-altering financial hardships for many innocent homeowners and caused hundreds of millions of dollars of loss to financial institutions and investors. In 2008, the U.S. Attorney’s Office responded by making mortgage fraud prosecutions a priority. By 2009, the FBI had identified hundreds of potential targets responsible for the fraud. The District made full use of additional resources provided by DOJ Headquarters in Washington D.C. Since the inception of our mortgage fraud program in the spring of 2008 and through the end of 2012, over 200 persons have been charged with federal mortgage fraud crimes in Nevada. Most of those individuals were convicted and are in prison. For the first several years of this program, most of the investigations and prosecutions centered around loan origination fraud. Over the last several years, because of the residential housing and mortgage loan crisis, the fraudsters have moved into other areas, such as refinance and foreclosure rescue fraud, and we are now prosecuting some of those cases.

Updated February 10, 2015