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Community Ambassador Training - The Grand Jury

June 7, 2016

Pastor Hance Philippe leads a discussion with Assistant Public Defender Olin Thompson, United States Attorney Peter Neronha and First Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Dambruch on the role and process of the federal grand jury

Pastor Hance Philippe, left, moderates a Community Ambassador Training session, discussing the role of a federal grand jury and the grand jury process. Panelists included Asst. Federal Defender Olin Thompson, United States Attorney Peter F. Neronha, and First Asst. United States Attorney Stephen G. Dambruch. The Ambassador Training Program is a series of meetings and discussions between law enforcement, faith-based leaders, community leaders and the community to foster trust and keep open the lines of communication. The program began shortly after events unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri. Other topics previously discussed include protecting an individual’s civil rights, interacting with law enforcement during car stops, and trust between the community and law enforcement.



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Updated June 10, 2016