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Preventing Elder Abuse

April 26, 2018
State and federal prosecutors and law enforcement present the US Attorney's Elder Justice Program to seniors

US Attorney's Office photo

A team of federal and state prosecutors and law enforcement team up to provide important information to senior citizens on how to recognize and avoid becoming a victim of abuse and fincial fraud. The team, Mickaela Driscoll, Elder Abuse Investigator from the Attorney General's Office; Tara Moniz, Victims' Specialist from the United States Attorney's Office; Inspector Cory McManus from the United States Postal Inspection Service; Assistant U.S. Attorney Denise Barton; and Kathleen Liner, FBI Victim Specialist recently presented the United States Attorney's Elder Justrice program to residents and invited guests at Brightview Commons in Wakefield.


Community Outreach

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Updated May 15, 2018