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United States vs Brandau, et al. - Case Information

United States vs Brandau, et al. - Case Information

While the possibility of tampering is remote, users who need official versions of Southern District of Florida charging documents should obtain stamped hard copies from the United States District Court Clerk.

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10/26/1999 Victim Witness Letter (PDF)
Financial Federated Title and Trust Bankruptcy website (http://www.finfedinfo.com/), Updated Case Information
  Third Superceding Indicment (PDF)
  Press Release: Ivan Burgos and Cheryl Poindexter Plead Guilty (PDF)
  Press Release: Raphael Ray Levy Pleads Guilty (PDF)
12/23/1999 Case Updates (PDF)
01/07/2000 Gary J. Pierce: Order Affirming Magistrate Judge's Detention Order and Denying Defendants Motion to Dismiss First Superceding Indictment or in the Alternative for Release Severance, and Immediate Trial (PDF)
10/02/2000 Case Updates (PDF)
10/11/2000 Case Updates (PDF)
12/05/2000 Notice: Vehicle Sales (PDF)
12/11/2000 Press Release: Defendant Sentenced to 55 Years in Connection with International Investment Fraud Involving More Than $117 Million (PDF)
01/10/2001 Notice: Sale of 1995 Bell Helicopter (PDF)
02/02/2001 Press Release: Jeffrey A. Paine Pleads Guilty (PDF)
03/21/2001 Press Release: Harvey Brandau Pleads Guilty (PDF)
06/18/2001 Press Release: Cheryl Poindexter Sentenced (PDF)
06/20/2001 Final Judgement and Order Providing for Restoration of Victims(1) (PDF)
07/16/2001 Press Release: Garland Hogan, Wanda Tirado, Alan Richard Lewis, Zane Joel Balsam, Gary J. Pierce and CSI Ag, Ltd. Convicted (PDF)
08/03/2001 Press Release: Jeffrey A. Paine Sentenced (PDF)
08/27/2001 Press Release: Harvey Brandau Sentenced (PDF)
08/31/2001 Updated Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
08/31/2001 Court Notice: Continuation of Sentencing for Raphael Ray Levy and Ivan Burgos (PDF)
08/31/2001 Press Release: CSI Ag, Ltd. Sentenced (PDF)
10/04/2001 Press Release: Ivan Burgos Sentenced (PDF)
10/10/2001 Final Judgement and Order Providing for Restoration of Victims(2) (PDF)
10/10/2001 Final Judgement and Order Providing for Restoration of Victims(2) Attachment A (PDF)
11/30/2001 Court Notice: Sentencing schedule for Garland Hogan, Gary J. Pierce, Alan Richard Lewis, Wanda Tirado, Zane Joel Balsam and Juan Arroyo (PDF)
11/30/2001 Press Release: Raphael Ray Levy Sentenced (PDF)
01/24/2002 Case Update: Juan Arroyo Sentenced (PDF)
01/30/2002 Case Update: Wanda Tirado Sentenced (PDF)
04/01/2002 Press Release: Garland Hogan Sentenced (PDF)
04/03/2002 Press Release: Gary J. Pierce Sentenced (PDF)
04/10/2002 Case Update: Sentenced Defendants (PDF)
06/25/2002 Appellate Argument: US v Frederick C. Brandau (PDF)
07/23/2002 Case Update: Appellate Courts Decision in Re: US v Frederick C. Brandau (PDF)
08/01/2002 Press Release: Frederick C. Brandau Affirmation of Conviction and Sentencing by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (PDF)

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