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LipoBan Clinic (US v George Forgione and Frank Sarcona; 07-80138-CR-MARRA/VITUNAC) - Case Information

While the possibility of tampering is remote, users who need official versions of Southern District of Florida charging documents should obtain stamped hard copies from the United States District Court Clerk.

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09/14/2007 Superseding Indictment (PDF)
09/19/2007 Order Setting Trial and Calendar Call (PDF)
09/20/2007 Joint Motion to Continue Trial Date (PDF)
09/21/2007 Order Granting Motion to Continue Trial and Setting Status Conference (PDF)
09/24/2007 Arraignment Information Sheet (PDF)
09/24/2007 Court Minutes Arraignment/Detention Hearing (PDF)
09/24/2007 Standing Discovery Order (PDF)
09/25/2007 Pretrial Detention Order (PDF)
10/05/2007 Government's Response to the Standing Discovery Order (PDF)
10/26/2007 Order Resetting Trial and Calendar Call (PDF)
11/06/2007 Order of Transfer to Fugitive Status (PDF)
11/20/2007 Government's First Supplemental Response to the Standing Discovery Order (PDF)
11/20/2007 Order (PDF)
11/20/2007 Government's Unopposed Motion to Restrict Discovery to Counsel and Incorporated Memorandum of Law (PDF)
12/03/2007 Defendant's Motion for Relief from Prejudicial Joinder (PDF)
12/03/2007 United States' Motion to Authorize Alternative Procedures Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3771(d)(2) and Incorporated Memorandum of Law (PDF)
12/04/2007 Order (PDF)
12/07/2007 United States Unopposed Motion to Continue (PDF)
9/25/2008 Letter to Victims (PDF)
11/26/2008 Superseding Information (PDF)
12/01/2008 Letter to Victims - Guilty Plea (PDF)
02/09/2009 Government's Reply to Defendant's Supplement Authority to his Motion to Suppress the Evidence Obtained from the Search Warrant Executed at 6720 East Rogers Circle (PDF)
02/19/2009 Government's In Limine Motion to Preclude Expert Testimony and Incorporated Memorandum of Law (PDF)
04/08/2009 Defendant George Forgione's Unopposed Motion to Continue Sentencing (PDF)
10/05/2009 Notice: Trial Date for Co-Defendant Frank Sarcona
10/29/2009 Verdict (PDF)
10/30/2009 Press Release (PDF)
11/06/2009 Notice: Changed Sentencing Date for George Forgione
12/30/2009 Order to Continue: Sentencing Date for Frank Sarcona (PDF)
01/06/2010 Order for Upward Departure (PDF)
03/01/2010 Defendant Sarcona Sentenced (PDF)
04/15/2010 Restitution Inquiry Letter (PDF)




United States Attorney's Office
Attn: Victim Witness Unit
99 N.E. 4th Street
Miami, Fl. 33132
Updated April 8, 2015

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