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Meet the U.S. Attorney

Kevin E. VanderSchelKevin E. VanderSchel - Acting United States Attorney

United States Attorney

Kevin VanderSchel is a 1980 graduate of Drake Law School in Des Moines, Iowa, having obtained his undergraduate degree in 1977 in Industrial Administration/Accounting from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.  Kevin began his legal career as an Assistant Polk County Attorney in Des Moines, Iowa, serving in the Criminal Division of that office from 1980 through 1984. 

In his capacity as an Assistant Polk County Attorney Prosecutor, he gained extensive trial experience, served for approximately one and one‑half years as the specially designated sex abuse prosecutor, and eventually served in the capacity of Bureau Chief of both the Pretrial and General Trial Bureaus of the Criminal Division.  After being employed with two private law firms in primary areas of civil and tort litigation, Kevin rejoined the government sector in 1987 as an Assistant Polk County Attorney, being assigned to the Civil Division until he was appointed as an Assistant U. S. Attorney in 1989. 

As an Assistant United States Attorney, Kevin's area of responsibility began as the primary attorney in federal forfeiture cases within the Southern District of Iowa, and then migrated primarily toward prosecution of white collar crimes and money laundering.  In December 1993, Kevin became a supervisor in the Criminal Division of the United States Attorney's Office, serving as Chief of the Criminal Division from December 1993 until July 1997, and then serving as the Chief of the Fraud Enforcement Division until September 1998.

Beginning in October, 2002, Kevin's duties became more specialized and included duties as the district's Anti‑Terrorism Advisory Council Coordinator, Crisis Management Coordinator, and International/National Security Coordinator.  Kevin became the First Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa in February of 2009, and was appointed as Acting United States Attorney in November of 2015.

United States Attorney Listing for the Southern District of Iowa
Territory of Iowa (6/12/1838)
Cyrus S. Jacobs 1838
Isaac Van Allen 1838-1840
Charles Weston 1840-1843
John G. Deshler 1843-1845
Southern District of Iowa (12/28/1846)
Edward Johnston 1845-1847
Isaac M. Preston 1847-1850
Stephen Whicher 1850-1852
Joseph C. Knapp 1852-1860
W.H.F. Gurley 1860-1863
Robert H. Gilmore 1863-1865
Caleb Baldwin 1865-1867
Milton D. Browning 1867-1869
William Fletcher Sapp 1869-1873
James T. Lane 1873-1882
Dewitt C. Cram 1883-1883
John S. Runnels 1882-1885
Daniel O. Finch 1885-1889
Lewis Miles 1889-1893
Charles D. Fullen 1893-1898
Lewis Miller 1898-1907
Marcellus L. Temple 1907-1914
Claude R. Porter 1914-1918
Edwin G. Moon 1918-1922
Ralph Pringle 1922-1924
Edwin G. Moon 1924
Ross R. Mowry 1924-1932
Robert W. Colflesh 1932-1934
Edwin G. Moon 1934-1939
Cloid I. Level 1939
John K. Valentine 1939-1940
Hugh B. McCoy 1940
Maurice F. Donegan 1940-1949
William R. Hart 1949-1953
Roy L. Stephenson 1953-1960
Roy W. Meadows 1960-1961
Donald A. Wine 1961-1965
Philip T. Riley 1965
Donald M. Statton 1965-1967
Jerry E. Williams 1967
James P. Rielly 1967-1969
Allen L. Donielson 1969-1976
George H. Perry 1976-1977
Paul A. Zoss, Jr 1977
James R. Rosenbaum 1977
Roxanne Barton Conlin 1977-1981
Kermit B. Anderson 1981
Richard C. Turner 1981-1986
Christopher D. Hagen 1986-1989
Gene W. Shepard 1989-1993
Christopher D. Hagen 1993
Don C. Nickerson 1993-2001
Inga Bumbary-Langston 2001
Steven M. Colloton 2001-2003
Stephen Patrick O'Meara 2003-2004
Matthew G. Whitaker 2004-2009
Nicholas A. Klinefeldt 2009-2015
Kevin E. VanderSchel 2015 to Present
Updated December 22, 2016