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United Against Hate

United Against Hate:
Identifying, Reporting and Preventing Hate Crimes


United Against Hate is a nationwide Department of Justice initiative to combat unlawful acts of hate.  This initiative will connect federal, state and local law enforcement with communities in order to build trust and encourage people to report hate crimes and incidents. 

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Utah (USAO-UT) is launching its United Against Hate initiative this summer.  Together with our local partners, USAO-UT’s United Against Hate campaign will empower Utah residents and communities to stand against racism and discrimination and alter the course of growing intolerance.  Creating inclusion and equity are vital to building healthy and resilient communities.  When cities and residents work together against hate, we can restore respect, embrace the strength of diversity and build inclusive and equitable communities for all. 

Goals of the United Against Hate Community Outreach Program:

  • Increase community understanding and reporting of hate crimes and incidents;
  • Build trust between the Department of Justice and the communities we serve; and
  • Create and strengthen alliances to combat hate between USAOs, federal, state, and local law enforcement and other government partners and community organizations.   
Community is Strength

Upcoming United Against Hate Events:

Please check back for details on upcoming United Against Hate events in Utah. 

Additional Resources:

FBI’s 2021 Hate Crime Statistics:

Facts on Utah Hate Crime Incidents:

Hate Crime Case Examples:

Report a Hate Crime:

To report a hate crime, contact the FBI Salt Lake City field office (covers entire state of Utah) at (801) 579-1400 or 

Report a Civil Rights Violation:

To report a civil rights violation that is civil in nature, please use this form: 






Updated July 20, 2023