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Adoption Fraud Inquiries

On October 9, 2019, Paul Petersen, an Arizona adoption attorney, was arrested on federal charges for adoption fraud and alien smuggling (press release). This page is a resource for individuals with any questions or concerns about how Petersen's arrest may affect them. 

A message from the United States Attorney:

My office has received numerous phone calls from individuals who are involved in ongoing adoption proceedings with Paul Petersen.  They have very valid concerns about what is going to happen to their adoptions now.  I want to let those people know that there are options available to them for assistance in navigating through their cases at this point.  In order to help us share those resources and information with them, we have set up a dedicated email address at  I want to encourage anyone who is involved in an adoption with Paul Petersen to email our office with any questions or concerns about how this arrest may affect them.  We will keep the identity of anyone who emails us strictly confidential.  - DAK Kees, United States Attorney, Western District of Arkansas





Updated October 15, 2019

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